Parent Meeting!

Hey Parents,

This is a friendly reminder that we are having a Sr. High parents meeting this Sunday after 2nd service in the worship center.  It will be short and sweet so that you all can get to lunch.  One of the most important topics of this parent meeting is a question.  What works best to plug you (the parents) into the student ministry?  So think about this question as you will have an opportunity to share you ideas with us at the parent meeting.  

Other topics we will hit are, focuses for the semester, upcoming events, this summers CIY retreat, and few parent plug in ideas.  The meeting will be no more than 30 minutes.  So, form 12:00-12:30 I really hope to see you all in the worship center for this time of collaboration and fellowship! 

Contact me with any questions.


Breandan McTighe

Student Minister 



Two Typos

Parents meeting is on Sunday January 22nd NOT the 23rd.

Also, it is not a Supr’ BOWEL part, it is indeed a Supr’ BOWL party, for those who were a little concerned.  🙂

Thats all for now!

Northside Sr. High’s January Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Hot of the press, here comes your Northside Senior High January Newsletter!  I know, you have been anticipating this for a whole 30(ish) days so lets get right into it.


We will be having a Parents Meeting Sunday the 23rd directly after second service in the worship center.  Besides a quick review of the next semester, we are going to be talking about our summer trip, and giving you (the parents) an opportunity to give your two cents in regard to connecting you to the student ministry.  We want to know what we can do to grow stronger in connecting you all!

Winter Retreat is happening THIS WEEKEND (January 6th-7th)!  If you have yet to turn in payments or waivers you need to do that ASAP.  We can not let students go if they do not have their waiver signed unfortunately.  So, please get those in soon.  If this is the first you are hearing of winter retreat, and you are interested, stop reading and give me a call at 660-351-5404.  Make sure your high schooler packs so that they can dress in layers.  Also, if they want to swim at the hotel, they will need to bring a swimming suit.  Please have students at the church by 3:00 PM or as early as possible.  We want to leave by 3:15 PM if at all possible.  We will be arriving back at church around 9:00 PM Saturday night.  For those interested, here is a rough itinerary:


3:15pm – Leave Northside

4:45pm – Check into Hotel

5:45pm – Room Groups

6:45pm – Dinner (and or finger foods)

7:45pm – Free Time

10:30pm – Room Groups

12:00pm – Lights Out


7-9am – Wake Up, Morning Devo, Breakfast

9:30am – Morning Session

11:00am – Check out of Hotel

11:45pm – Leave for Snow Creek

12:30pm – Skiing/Snowboarding

4:30pm – Head back to Hotel

5:30pm – Evening Session

7:00pm – Room Groups Recap

7:30pm – Head back to Northside

9:00pm – Arrive at Northiside, Parents pick up.

Focuses (teaching):

Sunday night’s Pulse Beat is moving into a focus titled “Anatomy 101.”  This will be a four week focus starting on January 9th.  This focus will be all about the basic anatomy of the church.  It will cover all the “W’s.”  What (or who) is church? Why do we “do” or “go” to church? When is church?  What is the point of church? We hope this focus challenges our students to be the church more and more everyday throughout every facet of their lives.

Sunday mornings Pulse Air will be starting a focus titled “Go” this Sunday, the 9th.  This focus will be all about being intentional in not only living, but speaking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those around us.  This four week focus is centered around moving students into intentionality in evangelism.

Pulse Flow is the name of our small groups programing.  We have started three small groups meeting on Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, and hope to start a fourth meeting on Saturday morning soon.  The whole point of these small groups is to take the students deep into their faith and bring it to the world through service.

For Your Radar:

Keep an eye out for more information on our “Suppr’ Bowel” party (yes, we have to spell it that way for legal reasons).  We need to has out the details for this because the NFL broadcasting rules change every year, but it will happen.  So, stay tuned.

We have begun announcing “Academy Awards.”  This event will happen April, but we start announcing it early due to the amount of participation required.  Academy Awards is an event where students make their own movies.  Then, we come together for a formal night where we eat dinner, watch all the movies, and have an awards ceremony!  It has the potential to be an amazing event.  So, be ready for more info.  Also, watch out, because your students just might have you as a guest star.