Summer Trip Meeting

Hello Again Parents,

This is just a friendly reminder that this Sunday, the 26th, we are going to have a very quick (20 minutes or less) meeting about our Student Ministry Summer trip directly after second service (11:50am) in the worship center. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Brief introduction of CIY
  2. Location and travel arrangements
  3. Cost and inclusions
  4. Payment plans, scholarships, and fundraising
  5. Q and A

I will be handing out packets with this information for parents who can not stay for the meeting. We are extremely excited for this summer trip and want to do everything we can to make it a great spiritual opportunity for your students!

I look forward to seeing you all!

Breandan McTighe,
Sr. High Student Minister
Northside Christian Church


Sr. High Summer Trip

Hey Parents,

One item that I forgot to put into this months update was our Sr. High Summer Trip meeting info.  On the 26th of this month we are going to have a short and sweet meeting after second service in the worship center.  This meeting will be no more than 20 minutes, and will fill you in on all the details of 2012’s Senior High Summer Trip.  Where we are going, what to pack, costs and payment plans, fund raising, travel routes, and  whole lot more will be shared with you.  Plus, you will get to leave with a neat little take home packet so no note taking is necessary!  Anyway, be there this February 26th to get filled in.  I you can’t make it, contact me by phone at 660-351-5404, or by email at and I will get that info to you.  Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me as well.

Grace and Peace,
Breandan McTighe
Northside Christian Church
Student Minister

Northside SM’s February Newsletter

Hey Parents,

It is a new month and we are excited about everything we have in store for February with the Senior High Student Ministry. Here is an quick look at what is coming up.

Focuses (teaching topics)

Pulse Beat:

Our Sunday night Pulse Beat youth group service is starting a Focus titled “Word,” Sunday the 12th. This focus will go on for three weeks with three sermonssurrounding God’s Word.  We know that all sermons are (or should be) from God’s word, however, these will be different. We are not just teaching God’s truth, we are teaching about God’s truth. Where the bible comes from, who authored it, why it’s trustworthy, and why it all matters. It may sound a little boring, as the “canon” of scripture is not the most interesting subject to most. However, we believe it is important that all Christians, especially those in the public school mission field, should understand why they are trusting their life to this Word.

Pulse Air:

Our Sunday morning Pulse Air service is firing up February with “The Other Story.” This focus is about the story in scripture that we don’t here very often, and frequently misunderstand. We often talk about God the Father. How He created the world, how He led the Jews out of Egypt, and how He raised up prophets in Israel.  We also talk about the story of Jesus a lot. Which is great, because Jesus is great (understatement).  What about that other story though, the one about the Holy Spirit. This is what we will be diving into as we unpack text on the Holy Spirit. We hope to engage the students with His power, His leading, and His everyday spiritual application. It will be awesome.


Sooper Bowl Party:

This Sunday the 5th, Sunday night’s Pulse Beat service is hosting a Sooper Bowl party. Not to toot are own horn, but it will rock. It starts at 5 (kickoff at 5:30) and ends when the game ends or 9 at the latest.  Students will be able to hang out after the game for a while as rides come to pick them up, or as they just enjoy the company of the church.  During the party we will watch the game, have championship style karaoke, eat food, and play more games. Bug your student to go, they won’t regret it.

For Your Radar

Pulse After Hours:

Sunday night’s Pulse Beat is hosting Pulse After Hours the first Sunday night of March.  This will be a time for fellowship, hanging out, and team building amongst the students.  They will have a great time, and it is a wonderful opportunity to invite their friends. So get out that prod, and poke away at your students.  It starts at 6 and ends at 8.  There will be snacks!

Academy Awards:

We have begun announcing “Academy Awards.”  This event will be held Sunday the 22nd of April, but we start announcing it early due to the amount of participation required. Academy Awards is an event where students make their own movies. Then, we come together for a formal night where we eat dinner, watch all the movies, and have an awards ceremony! It has the potential to be an amazing event. The deadline for movies to be turned in is Sunday, April the 8th.


You cant contact me 9-5 Tuesday through Friday, and Sundays at 660-351-5404, email me any time at Breandan@northsidechristianchurch,com, or comment on these newsletters.  I would love to here from you.

Also for your information, I will be in Kentucky the first week of March at the Simple Student Ministry Conference. Pray that I have some great spiritual rejuvenation and become better equipped to shepherd the students!

Parent Meeting Recap

I hope this past January’s parent meeting was informative for you all.  I know it was for me.  I learned a lot about how to communicate with you all more effectively, and had some great ideas come in for both connecting parents and growing the ministry.

As far as communication is concerned when it was all averaged out here is what we got on a scaled of one to five (five being very useful, 1 being not useful at all).

Email newsletter: 4.36

Website: 3

Facebook: 3.09

Twitter: 1.27

Parent Cues: 3.09

Call Message Reminders: 4.36

Twitter has the lowest score of all methods, however, Twitter feeds into both Facebook and our website, which show to be somewhat useful to you all.  So while you are not actually logging on to our Twitter page, you are reading our Tweet updates via Facebook and our Webpage.  Thus, we will continue to update Twitter.  I am however going to no move forward on writing up parent cues for our Pulse Air focuses.  It scored some what useful, however, I believe that this newsletter will fill the gap and get the general information on what we teach to you more effectively.  Also, every Sunday morning sermon that I preach is available to playback on our website under the Student Media page on the subpage “Media.”  So, it is my hope that this will keep you engaged even more than our parent cues.  If you think getting rid of the parent cues is a bad idea, let me hear from you.

On top of this great communications feedback, I was also very please to see parents ready to serve, you will be hearing from me shortly!

All in all, it was a great meeting, and it got my gears turning with a number of ideas.  Thank you for showing up, participating, and being involved with the spiritual lives of your student(s)!


Until next time,

Breandan McTighe

Northside Student Minister