April Newsletter

Hey Parents,

It is already April, and I am excited for all that comes with it. We have great teaching, programing, and events lined up for this month. Before we get to the brief summary of what is going on this month though, I want to take a second to remind you all that CIY is going to be upon us before we know it (June 11th-16th)! A lot of the students have expressed that they want to go too. With that I want to remind you all that a payment schedule has been established to lighten the load a bit. If you would like to pay all $200 at once that is fine as well. If payment is going to be difficult, PLEASE discuss this with us, we have received scholarships for students and are eager to give them away to those who need them. Thank you so much, be in PRAYER that this event “MOVES” our students into a deeper understanding and love for our Lord and Creator! Now, lets get on to this month:

Both Pulse Beat (Sunday night) and Pulse Air (Sunday morning) service will not meet on Easter Sunday April 8th. We want to encourage families to enjoy this day together!

Focuses (Teaching Series)

Pulse Beat:

Our Sunday night Pulse Beat youth group service will be finishing up our focus of “Circles” on April 1st. Two weeks later on April 15th we will begin our focus titled “Ouch.” This focus is going to tackle the problem of pain answering questions like “How does pain fit into God’s plan, and what can we gain from it?” This is a concept that many believers struggle with, both young and old. We encourage you to bring your high school student to Pulse Beat on Sunday nights to learn about it! If you want to know more about this focus write a comment or question below!

Pulse Air:

Our Sunday morning Pulse Air service will be moving into a new focus on April  1st! This focus will be titled titled “Lost in Translation.” This focus will be all about decoding Christian jargon in order to build a firm foundation on basic ideas and concepts of Christianity. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that basic concepts are shallow, because we are going to take them deep, way deep. If you want to know more about this focus write a comment or question below!


Academy Awards:

You may have noticed your student running around with a video camera acting a bit weird. This is ok, as it is most likely for Academy Awards. This event is scheduled for Sunday night during Pulse Beat on April 22nd. This event is about making home made movies, about anything so long as it is not offensive or crude, and turning them in. During the night of Academy Awards everyone will dress up in formal wear, eat dinner here at church, then we will watch all the movies theatre style.  After this, we will have an awards ceremony for best actor, best comedy, etc… Videos are STRICTLY due on April 15th. During this event we will have an extended meeting time of 6:00pm to 9:00pm. As always if you want to know more about this focus write a comment or question below!


You can contact me 9-5 Tuesday through Friday, and Sundays at 660-351-5404, email me any time at Breandan@northsidechristianchurch,com, or comment on these newsletters.  I would love to here from you.

Also for your information, I will be in a wedding in Kentucky from the 25th to the 28th this month. Pray that Jill and I get some refresh as we enjoy old friends, and good travels!