May Newsletter

Hey Parents,

It is the beginning of May and that means it is time for another newsletter! Please remember that you can contact me with questions and post to this blog by following the link in your email.

First things first, our Summer Retreat to CIY in Indiana is coming up quick! So, I just wanted to remind all you parents to get the registration forms filled out, make your payments, and/or fill out a scholarship application if need be. These forms can be found at the landing in the foyer at Church (or you can contact me to email you a copy). The deadline will be May 27th. Now, with that said, I know that in the past we have been pretty lenient with deadlines. However, this year we need to be pretty strict, as there are a limited number of seats open for this event. If we do not get our reservation correct, we may not have seats open. Also, there is a $50 per person fee to any changes made after this date. So, seriously, the deadline is the deadline this year. Sorry parents!

This event is going to be amazing, so if your student is on the fence, encourage them to go!  They will not regret it 🙂

Here is what is happening this month:


Pulse Beat (Sunday night youth group) will move from our focus “Ouch” into our focus titled “The King Jesus Gospel.” This focus is about exploring the gospel beyond salvation, and discovering how it can change us. Today we have reduced the Gospel down to a plan of salvation. This is only a portion of the Gospel that Paul preached, that Jesus lived, and that Israel navigated through history. The Gospel is bigger than a salvation plan, and when we discover this, it opens us up to all the Good News has to offer!

Pulse Air (Sunday morning) is starting a focus titled “The Great Banquet” this May. This focus will hone in on Jesus, the Kingdom, and what it means for us. There are a number of subjects that Jesus spoke a lot on. The kingdom is one of them. This focus will be the perfect preface to our Summer Retreat to CIY in Indiana this summer where we will take it even deeper.


Car Wash:

On May 27th we are going to have a Car Wash at Insight Eye Care to support our Summer Retreat and spread the love of Christ. The students will be served lunch after church at 12:00 PM in the Upper Room. We will then head to Insight Eye Care to wash cars from 1:00pm until 5:00pm. This car wash is a FREE service we are providing to the church and community. It is our way of loving to serve and showing our gratitude for the donations  that made our trip possible this year! This event will be in place of our Pulse Beat that night, so, we will not have service at 6:00pm that night.

For Your Radar:

The Adult Leadership Team and I are making plans for summer! We will not be discontinuing programing this year, but we may be altering it a bit. Stay tunned for next months newsletter where you will get the details!

Contact Me:

You can contact me 9-5 Tuesday through Friday, and Sundays at 660-351-5404, email me any time at, or comment on these newsletters.  I would love to here from you.