CIY Summer Retreat Preperation

Hey Parents,

If your student is going to CIY, this post is for you. If they are not, you can skip it.

Our departure day is coming up quick! While the leaders and I dot the i’s and cross the t’s in preparation I wanted to send out a reminder of what we have talked about in past meetings! We will be leaving Northside at 5:00AM this Monday the 11th; which means you should be here at 4:45AM with your student (or make them drive for those of you that have kids that can drive). Obviously we are not going to leave anyone behind, but in order for us to get there on time, this is when we will need to leave.

If you have yet to pay please bring cash, or a check to me when you drop your student off. If this won’t be possible, please just contact me at 660-351-5404 so I have a heads up!

As far as things to pack, when we are at CIY there will be a lot of daily activities. Activity options include tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, running track, lots of green space for frisbee, etc., and a game room.

Every student is responsible for bringing their own bedding and linens as well.

So, here is a rough idea of what to pack:

– Clothing for 6 days

– Modest swimming attire

– Shoes for whatever activity your student will be participating in

– Sleeping bag & pillow

– Towel for drying after showers

– Towel for drying after swimming

– Wash cloth for showers

– Toiletries

– Bible (if owned) if your student does not have a Bible, we have one to give to them.

– Entertainment for bus ride (cards, book, mp3 player, etc…)

With all that said, the rough itinerary provided in the CIY packet is our plan. However, things happen, and plans change. So, we will do our best to keep that schedule, and will absolutely keep you informed to changes that affect our arrival time on Saturday the 16th. These updates will be published to our Facebook page here. So follow that link and add it to your favorites! If you don’t know how to add favorites you can search NorthsideSM (all one word) in the Facebook search bar to find us too. Our page is the one with our logo. Of course, you could simply type in your browser bar to navigate to our page as well. Your students will also be able to call you on the bus ride home to inform you of any deviations from our plan.

For the top ten most asked CIY questions you can follow this link.

With all that said, comment any questions below, or give me a call at 660-351-5404. Be in prayer for the week!!!! Here is a prayer schedule with scripture reference for the days that we will be gone:

Day 1: Matthew 4:12-15 Pray that your student will hear the teachings of Jesus this week.

Day 2: Matthew 6:25-34 Pray that your student will respond to the invitation to trust God as their heavenly Father (even if they have made this choice in the past, realize that this choice must be made daily).

Day 3: Matthew 5:17-48, Matthew 6:16-24 Pray that your student will see the importance of the church, and understand the implications of their sin.

Day 4: Matthew 6:5-15, Matthew 7-16 Pray that your student will put the words of Jesus into practice and forgive others as God has forgiven them.

Day 5: Matthew 5:13-16, Matthew 7:7-27 Pray that your student will be a light in the dark places of their life. Pray for them to let their light shine!

Day 6: Matthew 13:1-23 Pray that your student will exemplify the good soil and that this CIY experience was not just an emotional time for them to grow a shallow root in rocky soil. Pray that the relationships they made at CIY would continue to encourage, convict, teach, and hold them accountable in their relationship with Christ. Then of course, pray for our travel!