Nov. Newsletter

Hey Parents!

There are four things I want to communicate to you all:

1. We are having a parent meeting to discuss what is going on in the student ministry through January! We want to keep you all plugged in, as well as give you an opportunity to have a voice. Join us on the 11th of November after second service in room 100!

2. On Saturday, the 17th of Novemeber we are going to the Unashamed tour in Kansas City. This is a concert featuring Christian rap & hip hop artists! We will be leaving at 5PM and returning at 10PM. Tickets are still available for $22 per person. Contact us if you are interested!

3. Turkey Bowl is coming up soon. On Sunday, Nov. 18th Pulse Beat will be hosting our annual flag football competition! It will start after second service and end at 5PM. Pulse Beat, as a result, will not be meeting at 6PM that night. NOTE: Northside Christian Church’s annual meeting is that night as well.

4. Winter Retreat is coming up soon! Friday and Saturday of January 4th and 5th we will be heading to KC for our annual Winter Retreat. Yes, we will be snowboarding and skiing, yes Kevin Ingram is going to be our guest speaker, and yes, it will be an amazing time! Do everything you can to make sure your student attends this event!!! The cost is $85, and scholarships are available. Money is a non-issue. If $85 is too steep for you, just let us know and we can work it out!

5. Our focus for Sunday mornings “Pulse Air” this November is titled “Fearless.” The them is “We are Young…And Bold.” We will be preaching through, and having discussion on fear in the life of a Christian. The big idea is, “We can be fearless as we follow Jesus who had no fear.” It will be jam packed with relevant, and applicable scriptural truths for your student to bring into there everyday life!.

As always, if you have questions comment below, or feel free to contact me at your convenience!

Grace and peace,