Jan. Newsletter

Hey parents,

Here is what is going on in January:


Our new focus is titled “Simple.” In this focus I will be preaching through key concepts Simplefound in the book of Ecclesiastes. So, it would be beneficial to read though it yourself and talk to you student about it! The big ideas for each sermon along with the titles will be posted before Sunday each week on our facebook page at http://www.northsidesm.com. While your there, mite as well like our page 🙂


We had an amazing winter retreat this January.

The big idea was “Transform.” TranformLogo

You students were led by Luke Wright in three sermons to WAIT, WITNESS, and WATCH.

Wait: The big idea for this message was simple: Your ability does not matter, your availability does. After Jesus left the disciples by ascending into heaven he gave them one simple instruction: wait. They went to Jerusalem and waited. During this time they prayed. Pretty simple, yet so often we are busy trying to do, or figure out what is next that we forget that at times God has us wait in order to prepare, focus, or train us. Brass Tax: God can’t call us into action if we aren’t waiting on him.

Witness: The big idea in this message was, “We can continually be a witness through both our actions and our words.” The focus here was on the the simple things. On the mundane behaviors that set us a part from the world. The challenge was to be different, so that when we spoke of Jesus, we would have ground to stand on.

Watch: This was a good one too! Many times we pray, “God, give us opportunities to share Jesus with people.” Then we go to work, or school, or to the store, or wherever and wonder why the prayer wasn’t answered. The truth is, there are opportunities all around us. If we are waiting on God and actively witnessing through how we live and what we say; God will present opportunities all around us. We just have to watch for them. The trouble for some people is that sometimes God is in the whispers of a soft breeze and not the rumbles of an earthquake. We want big signs, instead of small opportunities and nudges from the Holy Spirit. Maybe we wait for big signs because we are cowards? Hmmmm… Anyway, watch for God, and he will open doors like its going out of style.

This, in a nutshell, was our winter retreat. Now that you know, go talk to you students about it! Also, don’t be afraid to call me if you want to talk about it in more detail or have questions about HOW to talk to your students about this stuff.

One last thing, if you want the booklets that we printed and handed out for winter retreat so you can walk through them with your student, just let me know. I can email you a PDF or you can pick one up at church.

For Your Radar: 

We are wanting to launch one service project a quarter this year (4 total projects). The problem is, I have only been in Warrensburg for two years. So, if any of you have any ideas at all that would be great service projects, contact me about it. We would love to hear ideas!