Love Does

I want to start this post reflecting on the communion meditation given by one of the students this morning. She spoke about love, and not Jesus’ love for us that sent Him to earth. Well an extension of that love, and I must testify I was moved with compassion at her words. She spoke from 1Cor the famous love passage, but she took it one step further. She posed the question “what does that love look like?” She talked about how a pure and Holy God would be moved so much about her plight and come embody a human form to redeem her, a sinner. I feel like we sometimes miss that when we as the body are so moved with the plight of our neighbors, that we too would sacrifice everything to redeem them to Jesus.

I want to propose a book for you to read: Love Does by Bob Goff. He is an amazing man of the Word and brings Gods message through the pages of his book. He talks about how we are called to love. We aren’t called to save or to judge or even to convict. That’s the Holy Spirit as John puts it. That’s His job not ours. We are called to show Gods love to anyone and everyone He puts in our path. When Jesus tells His disciples “you will do greater things than I have done” this is what He is talking about. It is so difficult to love the unlovely. It is difficult to love the undeserving, but that is our call. Be blessed and love some unlovely people this week.



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