Just Dance!

At a family reunion this weekend my daughter and niece were playing Just Dance 3. It was great exercise and got the whole family moving. I’m not gonna lie I think she needs one for her birthday coming up in June!

We were enjoying the time, but I was kinda disappointed with how many songs we had to bypass. Many songs weren’t overly sexual, but the innuendos were too much for my convictions to allow my easily influenced daughter to dance to. I’m sure you have dealt with this in some form or another.

Why haven’t any organizations come up with games that have uplifting music to dance to like TFK, Trip Lee, Casting Crowns, Toby Mac or even Mandesa. How many games have come out in the past 10 years that have to do with dancing, bands, or singing along? Too many to not have one that is positively aimed.

What can I do as a leader to influence others to strive to attain that kind of outcome? I remember when I was a kid the first GameBoy I bought with my own money. I saved and saved and bought it. At the local Christian bookstore I bought a game that was really cool. I wish I could remember the title. I remember it very well, it was Call of Duty for Christian kids. You went around throwing spiritual fruit at demon possess people, freed people from bondage, and recharged your powers with prayer. I so wish we had an alternative way to get our game on!


Winter Jam

The next event coming up is WinterJam. This is a Christian concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. Many people from Northside have attended the past few years, so we’re taking the Student Ministry this year! Winter Jam is on January 31 and we’ll be leaving the church at 4:00 p.m. The cost is $10 (cash only), which your student will need to bring with them on the day of the event. We will not be stopping for dinner, so either your student needs to eat before they come, or bring extra money to purchase food at the Sprint Center. This event is open to Jr. & Sr. High students.



I need you to help me help you. Click on the link above and you will be directed to the Google document that we have composed. I know I sound like a resounding gong “give me your number, email, and your high schoolers!” Its the ones of you that read these that always respond. Poke your neighbor and have them fill it out too!

Lock-In Results

I have nothing but praise to give to Him who deserves it!
From what I could see we started the night with 3 distinct groups; one handful that threw the football, one that played the Wii, and a handful that played cards. Nothing wrong with any of the groups other than none wanted to cross the “comfort zone” barrier and make new relationships.
None wanted to look bad or goofy because of unfamiliar faces. God helped each one of your students through that difficult barrier.
At about 11p I went around to each “group” and encouraged the students that are regular attenders to help lead the newer and not so regular attenders to a place of “vulnerability.”
Like a switch flipped in some students heads, and all the walls came crashing down. They have been playing 9square for about 5 hours now. Everyone is playing the same game and having a lot of fun!
Honestly this has been the best Lock-In event I have ever planned, or been apart of! God showed us favor tonight. Thank you for your prayers, for the volunteers, and for your students. I know that there were relationships built tonight. God answered everyone’s prayers. I now pray peace on your family.



Oh and by the way, if your student left something here, have them get it on Sunday. Please don’t bother calling……I will be asleep for a few hours! 😉


I have attempted to bring you the Lock-In schedule for the Lock-In tonight.

Volunteers Times available Contact # Email
Ben Cameron 8p-8a 573.286.3509 ben@nccburg.com
Ellie Cameron 8p-8a 660.553.1910 mrs.cameron@live.com
Beth Tiller 8p-2a 660.441.4817 btiller@warrensburgr6.org
Brandon Cooper 8p-8a 660.525.3697 deaconcooper85@yahoo.com
Time Activity Location
8:15p Ice Breaker Games Upper Room
9:15p Snack w/IAmSecond Video Upper Room (Fountain)
9:45p Glow Stick Hunt Fellowship Hall
10:15p Hide and Seek Church Wide
11:15p Body part to body part Upper Room
11:45p Pizza w/IAmSecond Video Upper Room
12a Ball drop Upper Room
12:15a Heads up Fellowship Hall
12:45a 9 square in the air Worship Center
1:30a Ninja Upper Room
1:45a Do you love your neighbor Upper Room
2:15a Free Time w/IAmSecond Upper Room
2:30a Movie Upper Room
3:00a Movie
4:00a Movie
5:00a Movie
6:00a Movie
7:00a Breakfast Old Kitchen
7:30a Clean up Church Wide
8:00a Dismissal

I wanted to give you the other leaders contact information as well.

Lock-In Information Update

Parents and students,
I wanted to officially apologize for the lack of leadership which was entirely my fault.
The Lock-In is still on for Tuesday night, so no YouthGroup, and we are meeting in the Upper Room at 8pm. Admission is $4 for food, fun, discipleship, and fellowship. We will be viewing some videos from the “IAmSecond” group www.iamsecond.com Many members of the group come from rough pasts, and struggled with the same things your student may be struggling with now. We will watch movies, play games, eat lots of junk food, and I’ll allow them to sleep so have them bring a sleeping bag.
Please prepare for your student to be picked up at 8am on Wednesday the 1st.

Action steps!

I am rarely on Facebook as it is quite the time suck. However I was on today and came across this:

“1. Make a Plan. Start out by committing to sit down with your kids for a family devotion 3-4 times a week. Don’t try to go for it every single day, life happens. Share that plan with your family. (Going public helps with accountability)

2. Pray with them. I say “with them” because many parents make the mistake of taking the lead and praying every time they gather. Modeling is great, but allow your kids the opportunity to pray as well.

3. Teach them the Bible. That means as parents we’re going to need to be reading the Bible to have something to share. If you get to a passage you don’t understand, do some study and/or ask someone a bit further along in their understanding. Read or allow your child to read a passage of scripture and then talk about it. Draw out the principles you see and talk about how they can be applied in our everyday lives. (I recommend these.)

4. Leave time for questions. Some of the greatest teaching moments with my boys have been in their bottomless questions. Don’t get stressed by the rabbit trails that lead to other topics. Go with them. You’ll be amazed at where they lead you. Embrace the journey.”

I hope these four points give you an edge into what discipleship can look like in the home.

I want to make sure you understand me clearly. I know that life happens and our best intentions don’t always materialize, but vulnerability with your student is key. Admitting we our flaws leads them to do the same. Authenticity is contagious. A leader must guide them there! 😉